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Tour Washington DC has been serving clients for over fifteen years. Initially, our focus was to provide quality half-day and full-day tours of the Washington DC area to those who were visiting and wanted to learn more about Our National Capital.

Over time we began to add more and more services for visitors to DC. We added a popular Illumination Tour where people could see Washington DC at night. Without question the city takes on a completely different view at night. And, unlike many other cities, Washington DC is not overly crowded during the evening hours.

Finally, we added complete tour services to our clients. We now arrange lodging, meals, attraction tickets, transportation and more for those who need these services.

Though we do not refuse to serve any type of group, there are some groups which we are better-equipped to serve over others. We have built up a large African American Heritage Tour following. This tends to overflow into Family Reunions as well, so we do receive a large number of requests for family reunions.

We have former teachers on our staff and they have had extensive experience traveling with students and arranging educational tours for hundreds of schools, we do specialize in Educational Tours to Washington DC. This is one of the more-rewarding areas of our work as we are able to work with students, many of whom are traveling for the first time in their lives.

Another area where we receive a lot of requests is churches. Because Washington DC has a strong heritage anchored in the faith of many who came before, it is a great location for Faith Tours. The National Cathedral, the Museum of the Bible, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and other attractions makes Washington DC a very good destination for those wanting to embark on a Faith Tour.

Regardless of your walk in life or your interest, we would like you and your group to consider using Tour Washington DC as your DC Tour company!

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