African American Heritage Tours Washington DC

Afircan American Heritage

Washington DC is a great destination for African American Heritage Tours. DC Is rich with several important historical figures who have been very prominent is black history. From the most-famous Freeman during the nineteenth century, Frederick Douglass to countless others such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. you will be enriched as you discover the amazing history of a people who never gave up. These brave men and women fought for emancipation from slavery and equality as Americans. Our African American Heritage Tours (Black History Tours) will give you and your group the opportunity to learn about those who struggled for equality in America.

African American Heritage Tours

Customized African American Heritage Tour

Custom African American Heritage

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As you browse through the various Black History Tours, please note that each trip we present may be customized to fit the needs or desires of your group. Each tour includes entry into each of the sites and attractions mentioned. Also, lodging and meals are included as listed within the itinerary.

Tour guide services are also included throughout the duration of the tour as listed. Our tour guides are licensed to lead tours in the City of Washington DC. Tips for our tour guides are not included in the prices of our tours. We encourage you to consider giving tips for services delivered to your satisfaction.

Motor coach services are provided as required by the itinerary. Some portions of the itinerary may require walking. Your tour may be customized to help facilitate the needs of your group members. We are happy to make substitutions in the itinerary whenever possible for your convenience.

Please remember to bring a camera or video camera to record your tours. Frequent photo stops are made throughout the duration of our tours and  you will be given ample opportunities to record your time in Washington DC and the surrounding area.

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