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Washington DC is the perfect destination for enjoying a Christian Faith Tour. Starting with the new Museum of the Bible, Washington DC has many unique sites and attractions which appeal to members of faith groups and churches.

Though there are numerous sites to discover, one of the most-unique attractions for faith groups is the National Cathedral. This beautiful building took several decades to complete. Its stained glass windows and its Neo-Gothic design makes for stunningly unique design. Without question, the National Cathedral is one of the most-beautiful churches in the United States. The Metropolitan AME Church as well as the Basilica of the National Shrine provide for additional spiritual stops in DC. The Metropolitan church offers inspiring music as well as being a beacon for social justice issues. The Basilica is ornately designed and is a popular site for those of the Catholic Faith.

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As you look at the Faith Tours, remember that we are able to customize each tour to fit your groups needs. We always include all entry fees and we can arrange all of your meals as well as transportation and lodging as well.

Professional Tour guides are also included. Each tour guide is qualified to lead tours in the City of Washington DC. They will share a variety of very interesting facts which will enable you to learn more about our great city. Once you have completed your tour you will have a deeper understanding of the heritage that you came to experience.

Please remember to bring a camera or video camera to record your tours. Your tours will include frequent stops for you to take photos of the various stops you will enjoy.

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