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Washington DC Family Reunions

If you are having a family reunion in the Washington DC area we can help your group make all of the arrangements. We can take care of all of the details for you and your group so you do not have to worry about any of the details. From arranging the tours (including a spacious motor coach and tour guide), meals, lodging, attractions and more, we can take care of all of the arrangements for you.

National Museum of African American History & Culture

The NMAAHC is open and family reunion groups are making it a part of their family reunions! This amazing, long-awaited museum is now one of the most-popular museums in the United States. Visitors are able to see and learn so much about the lives of African Americans throughout the history of the United States.

As a part of any tour services we provide, our company can help secure group tickets for the NMAAHC. However, we can do this only as a part of a tour or other package (as we are not a ticket broker). If your family is interested in a African American Heritage Tour (of any length) let us know the date(s) and we will be happy to assist you with your planning. Group tickets are not available to the general public in advance of your visit. Tickets are very limited and sell out quickly, especially during Friday - Sunday.

Washington DC Lodging

The Washington DC area offers a wide selection of hotel choices. Nearly every hotel brand is represented my several different hotel locations. The most popular-requested brands include Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield Inns, Hampton Inns, Comfort Inns and many others. All of these brands normally include a complementary breakfast with your stay.

Other hotel brands are also found in the DC area, but are considered Full-Service hotels. These hotels are rated "higher" and most have a restaurant in the hotel. Breakfasts are normally not included in the nightly rate, but they are made to order at an additional fee. These hotels include Hyatt Hotels, Hiltons, Marriott Hotels, and many others. When requesting reservations or speaking with one of our tour coordinators, be sure to specify what type of hotel you would like. And, be aware that if you are driving to the Washington DC area, some hotels charge extra for parking your auto at the hotel.


When planning a tour of the Washington DC area, several different transportation options exist. If your group is small enough, you may want to opt for the DC Metro. This is a well-designed system that can get you to within a few blocks of just about any attraction and most hotels in the area. The Metro is both clean and safe and offers a fairly easy-to-use navigation system.

There are a variety of hop-on and hop-off systems in the downtown area as well. Most of these are narrated and offer several different locations where you can connect with the service. These are good for smaller groups. If your group has more than ten, you may want to consider alternative methods of transportation.

Motor coach is the best way to get around for a larger group. The coaches are well-versed with the area and can get you from one attraction to another in a decent amount of time. Motor coaches are more expensive for sure, but they are very convenient and they are able to follow any itinerary you may have. They can pick up at a hotel and return to the same location too. One little bit of information to consider. When hiring a motor coach, consider tipping the driver for his/her services. They work long hours and appreciate the consideration you show them.

Sites & Attractions

Washington DC offers a wide variety of sites and attractions for your group to visit and explore. You can find more information on this website about many of them.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Washington DC

Generally speaking, the most-popular attractions can be broken down into a few different categories. The first category is museums. Washington DC is home to the World-Famous Smithsonian Institute which offers several different museums in the DC area. The most popular museums include The Air & Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the American History Museum, and the newly finished Museum of African American History and Culture.

Other museums exist in DC which are just as popular. Though most do not typically think of it as a museum, the National Archives is a popular attraction. Here you can see the Constitution of the United States as well as many other historical documents.

The newest museum in Washington DC is the Museum of the Bible. This multi-story museum is filled with unique artifacts and exhibits which can help to deepen your appreciation for the Bible.

Monuments and Memorials area big part of the attractions you can find in the Nation's Capital. The Washington Monument towers above the city and is the easiest to see. However, many other monuments honor great people from our past. The Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the FDR Memorial are all dedicated to past US Presidents. The Martin Luther King Memorial honors the memory of the man who led American into an age of social change and equality for all.

Other memorials that are worth seeing in DC include the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the US Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) are all dedicated to the brave men and women who fought for our nation.

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