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The White House has been the residence of many presidents of the United States. It certainly has not offered the same facilities to each president, though; the White House has undergone a number of construction projects, including the addition of the East and West Wings, among other projects.

The name "White House" does not do justice to the variety of activities that go on here. It is not only where the president of the United States lives, but also where he carries out many daily administrative tasks and where he has space to have fun with his family. The White House has living quarters, offices, and a number of recreational facilities including a swimming pool, a home theater, and a putting green. Certain portions are open for public tours, however tours must be reserved ahead of time.

Interesting Facts 

The White House has a twin in Ireland--the Leinster House in Dublin, which was once the house of the Duke of Leinster, but is now the seat of the Irish parliament.

Before Theodore Roosevelt took office and took up residence, it was known as the Executive Mansion.

Living in this luxurious home may be a perk of being the president, but living there does not come without cost to the president; the president does pay a monthly bill for his living expenses.

The cornerstone was misplaced in 1792 shortly after it was laid, and to this day, no one knows how the cornerstone went missing or where it is.

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