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Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This architecturally intricate monument was completed in 1943 in memory of our country's third president and main writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. The bronze statue of Jefferson, which now resides inside the monument, was added in 1947. This memorial building's design was inspired by classical architecture--a style which fascinated Jefferson, and which influenced his own architectural designs. The Memorial is located on the Tidal Basin, giving visitors a scenic view of this man-made basin.

The memorial brings to life this great man's legacy through inscriptions with quotes from the Declaration of Independence, as well as other writings penned by Jefferson. Additionally, many interesting events are hosted at the Jefferson Memorial, such as an Easter Sunrise Service and the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Jefferson Memorial Interesting Facts

The cherry blossom trees that are planted around the Jefferson Memorial were a gift from Japan, given to the U.S. in the year 1912.

Jefferson's personal book collection--a collection of over 6,000 books--restocked the Library of Congress when its original collection was burned by British troops in 1814.

Thomas Jefferson kept a number of mockingbirds as pets, because he loved their singing. He often kept at least four at a time!

The original statue of Jefferson that was placed in the Jefferson Memorial was made of plaster.

Jefferson was fascinated with the sciences, showing interest and attempting to make discoveries and innovations in paleontology, astronomy, and agricultural science.

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