Arlington National Cemetery


More than 400,000 deceased military service members and their families are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Service to country is the theme that unites all those memorialized at Arlington. The Arlington National Cemetery holds about 27 to 30 funeral services each weekday, and 6 to 8 services on Saturdays. The landscape of the cemetery is an impressive tribute to the service members buried there, with 624 acres of green hills and well-kept gardens. The hills and gardens are also home to mighty trees that are hundreds of years old.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the grounds and take in the rich history of the cemetery and of the service members it honors. Take a few minutes to read the headstones and be reminded of the sacrifice of these men and women who fought so valiantly to serve their country.



Interesting Facts

The grounds of the Arlington National Cemetery once belonged to a Confederate general, General Robert E. Lee. The property was confiscated from his wife when she, wheelchair-bound, sent a representative to pay a tax bill instead of appearing in person.

Arlington holds servicemen from every war in American history. Arlington is the only cemetery that can boast that distinction.

Due to the current advancements that have been and are being made in DNA testing, the Tomb of the Unknowns may never again receive another occupant. In fact, the last soldier that was entombed there was subsequently identified using DNA testing and was then relocated to a cemetery in Missouri where his body was reburied with the proper identification.

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